Satel Satelline EasyPro+ 35w Radio

SATEL-EASy Pro+ is an IP67 classified UHF radio modem.
SATEL-EASy Pro+ is an IP67 classified UHF radio modem with a high power transmitter, wide tuning range (403…473 MHz) in one hardware and selectable channel spacing.

Supported AES128 (by default) / AES256 (as an order option) encryption on radio channel increases the data security. Due to the high transmitting power, connection distances more than 80 kilometers can be covered in favorable conditions.

SATEL-EASy Pro+ is compatible with widely used SATELLINE-EASy and SATEL-EASy+ product families too as well as some obsolete radio modem models, such like SATELLINE-4Pro, SATELLINE-3AS NMS and SATELLINE-3AS EPIC NMS.


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