Leica iCon AP20 Autopole

A unique and productivity-boosting smart system for our robotic total stations.
The Leica AP20 AutoPole is a unique and productivity-boosting smart system for our robotic total stations, removing the last analogue steps in your digital survey workflow. 
The easy-to-use AP20 AutoPole saves time spent on-site and reduces cumbersome post-processing corrections in the office with three powerful smart features that will transform the way you work. 

The conditions on your worksites are dynamic and variable, and the AP20 AutoPole makes it easier to navigate challenges by allowing measurements with a tilted pole, providing automatic height readings and enabling target search and locking.

Tilt Compensation: Increase productivity and efficiency with Tilt Compensation, which removes the need to level the pole.

Pole Height: Save time and eliminate mistakes from both manual height reading and manual input into the field software, which are often wrong or even totally missed.

Target ID:  Automatic target search, identification and lock on your target prevents locking to foreign targets and avoids work interruptions that can occur on a busy site.


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