Leica GS18 I Imaging GNSS Receiver

Take advantage of high-precision GNSS with the flexibility to capture survey-grade accuracy from anywhere.
Visual Positioning: The GS18 I matches the same intelligent tilt technology of the GS18 T and the advanced signal tracking capabilities of the smartest GNSS antennas—but the GS18 I takes another step forward in technological innovation. With the new addition of an imaging sensor, the GS18 I lets you perform photogrammetric measurements on the fly. Its cutting-edge implementation of sensor fusion empowers you to take your efficiency to a whole new level and at the same time overcome traditional GNSS obstacles such as measuring under a building canopy, dealing with multipathing and even performing vertical measurements of facades, all without resorting to costly alternative measurement options or putting yourself in harm’s way.

The GS18 I captures images at a frequency of 2 Hz while you walk. Those images are processed in real time and can be used to measure points immediately after the capture ends. Measuring any point in the image is as easy as tapping on it. If the project scope expands and a client asks for additional measurements, you can simply extract them from your imagery rather than having to revisit the field.

Traditional challenges call for modern measures. Capturing inaccessible points across a busy street, behind a gate or in a dangerous area is where the GS18 I shines. This innovative technology allows you to overcome areas with GNSS signal obstructions (such as under a roof, balcony or tree). You can even capture vertical measurements on facades, making it the most versatile survey tool available.

3D point clouds are a powerful way to help team members visualize and collaborate more effectively. With the new GS18 I, you can easily create point clouds from images for use in design and analysis.

Take advantage of high-precision GNSS with the flexibility to capture survey-grade accuracy from anywhere. The seamless integration of GNSS, IMU and visual positioning technology gives you the accuracy you need from both the pole in the field and images in the office.


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